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Have a specific injury, diagnosis, or site of pain and not sure where to start?  Interested in learning more about what ReYouvenate can do for your health?  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Fortin and get started on improving your health! Note: No consultation necessary for Pulse Pro (PEMF) therapy.  



Photobiomodulation or low level laser therapy promotes tissue repair and lymphatic drainage

(to remove built up toxins), in addition to providing an analgesic (pain relief) affect that lasts 24-48hrs.  An excellant alternative to NSAIDS/pain medications providing both pain relief and repair. 

*Requires an initial consult to determine the appropriate protocol for You.  


Pulse Pro 

Specialized pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF)

Looking for anti-aging treatment?  Back pain control?  Relief from arthritis pain?  Or, just want to feel better overall?  Are autoimmune conditions affecting your life?  This is a wonderful way to improve your cellular health, thus your overall health and well-being!  No consultation necessary.

Medical Wave 

Heel Pain, iliotibial band syndrome, tennis elbow and so much more.  This technology uses high energy sound therapy to manage conditions.

*Requires an initial consult to determine the appropriate protocol for You. 




A Breakthrough Solution for Men Seeking Optimal Sexual Performance, Drug and Surgery Free. 




Stem Cell Therapy   

Revolutionary application of your own stem cells to manage health conditions with no risk of rejection. 


Platelet Rich Plasma.  Concentrated growth factors and other signaling molecules from your own body, utilized to initiate repair where your body needs them most.


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